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ZILA Works Pressed the World’s First Snowboard Created with Industrial Hemp Oil-Based Epoxy Resin

ZILA Works has pressed the world’s first snowboard created with industrial hemp oil-based epoxy resin. Funds from our $100,000 EPA grant allowed us to prove viability and create a proof of concept. Our next step is to secure funding that will allow us to prove scalability of the technology. We will also conduct a “Life Cycle Analysis” to assess the environmental impacts associated with the resin from raw material extraction through processing, manufacture, use, and recycling or disposal.

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EPA Awards $100,000 Small Business Innovation Research funds to ZILA Works of Renton, Washington

Contact Information:
Suzanne Skadowski (skadowski.suzanne@epa.gov)

SEATTLE – Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced $1.6 million in funding for ZILA Works, in Renton, Washington, and 14 other small businesses across the United States to develop technologies that will help protect human health and the environment by detecting chemicals in the air, ensuring cleaner water, and creating greener materials.

“EPA’s Small Business Innovation Research program is awarding funding to these small businesses because they have demonstrated the potential to create technologies that will improve our environment and our economy,” said Administrator Pruitt. “These technologies are focused on creating cutting-edge products that can help solve today’s complex […] Read more